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We meet weekly on Wednesdays in Claremont and Bellville

We have active players of both Warmachine and Hordes, with every faction being represented. We meet on a weekly basis on Wednesdays from 5pm at the Battle Bunker in Cavendish Mall in Claremont, and the Battle Bunker in Tyger Valley Mall in Bellville. We also regularly host tournaments on weekends! Feel free to swing by and join the mayhem! If you are interested in learning more contact one of our Press Gangers and organise a demo game!

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Meet the pressgangers

Our lords and saviours
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Kevin O’Connell

President of the club and general of Cygnar and Cryx armies, Kevin firmly believes in #nohordesever
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Ryan Keyzer

Ryan is a recent import to the club having come from the frozen north that is Johannesburg. He commands a Retribution and Trolls force, and has been known to dabble with Merc.

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