Battle Report – 03/06/2015 – eDoomy v Ossyan – BBCav-

Wednesday Meet Up – Battle Report – eDoomy v Ossyan

So this Wednesday Ryan and I decided to try out some experimental lists.


Ryan  Dropped his “Legion of Dhunia” list, a beast heavy troll list under eDoomy.

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia

– Mulg the Ancient

– Rok

– Troll Axer

– Dire Troll Bomber

Trollkin War Wagon

Northkin Fire Eaters

Northkin Fire Eaters

Objective: Arcane Wonder

Retribution of Scyrah

I was running a Ossyan list that tries to maximise on Hordes hate, with lots of fury removal, and shenanigans to keep beasts at bay

Lord Arcanist Ossyan

– Banshee

– Hypnos

– Moros

Arcantrik Force Generator



Stormfall Archers

Stromfall Archers

Mage Hunter Strike Force (min)

– Eiryss, Mage Hunter Commander

– Soulless Escort

Objective: Fuel Cache

Scenario and Setup

We rolled the Recon scenario. Trolls one the die-off and elected to go first.


The Setup

Ryan needed to use some proxies. The Scatter Gunners are actually the Fire Eaters, and the painted AFG is the War Wagon.


Trolls Turn 1.

troll t1

Trolls Turn 1 – Everything Runs

The War Wagon activated and ran into the forest.  Doomy Activates, casts Refuge on Rok, and then moves into the safety of the trench. Mulg and Rok Run up and toe in the zone. The Bomber and Axer run to the foot of the hill.


Ret Turn 1.

ret t1


Ossy allocates one focus to Moros, and keeps the rest to himself. The Strike Force activate and advance, and then proceed to shoot at the Fire Eaters opposite them, removing one, and then reforming back. The Stormfalls on the right Activate and do brutal shots into the Fire Enaters opposite them, removing all but 1.  The Arcanists activate in turn, one allocating a focus to Hypnos, the other to the Banshee.  The Banshee and Hypnos both run forward and toe the zone. The AFG Activates and moves forward firing a blasted earth onto Roc, which misses and scatters harmlessly to the left. Ossyan Activates casts Quicken on Moros, Admonition on Hypnos and camps the rest before moving onto the hill.


Trolls Turn 2.

Doomy activates and feats. He proceeds to cast Wild Agression on Roc and Refuge on the Bomber. Roc Charges into the Banshee and wrecks it. It gets goaded and goes base to base with a stormfall. The bomber activates  and rushes forward lobs a barrel of fun onto the clustered Stromfalls killing 2 and Eiryss, and then refuges back. The War wagon attacks Moros but does minimal damage, it’s spray misses as does it knock down gun. Mulg Charges Moros, but fails to kill him (after getting  a crit slam and smashing him into the War Wagon).  The lone fire eater on the right flank tries to spray the storm falls but misses both! The Fire Eaters on the right have a bit more luck and manage to kill a few mage hunters. The Axer charges another and kills it.


Ret Turn 2.

ret t2


Ossyan Allocates 3 focus to Hypnos and camps the rest. Ossy Activates, and feats. He aims and shoots at Mulg, hitting and doing minimal damage He then casts Quicken on himself to up his defense. Three of the the Storm falls on the right, aim and Brutal into Mulg, inflicting heavy damage. The remaining Stormfall brutals into the lone Fire Eater and kills it. The AFG Activates and tries to shoot Mulg getting 4 shots, he hits everytime, but only does minimal damage. The One Arcanist Activates and give concentrated power to Hypnos. Hypnos Activate, walks over to to Roc and pummels him to death. The remaining Stormfall activates moves forward into the zone and brutals into Mulg, killing him. Moros stands up and deals superficial damage to the Battle Engine. The Mage Hunters and Soulless charge into the Axer, the one missing its attack, the other inflicting a decent 6 points of damage.


Trolls Turn 3.

The War Wagon Activates and kicks Moros to death. If fires its knock down gun onto Hypnos and hits, knocking him down and doing a small bit of damage. The Bomber Activates  and charges Hypnos, eventually wrecking him (on his last attack he needed a 10 to kill, Ryan naturally rolls a 12  on two dice :/ ) The Bomber who still has refuge, then inches into Hypnos’s wreck for cover. The Axer activates and threshers all the Strike Force (but fails to kill the soulless). One fire eater charges the nearest arcanist, but falls very short. The other Fire eater charges the soulless and kills him. Doomy Activates and blasts the AFG (through the Bomber) with Primal Shock. Reducing it down to three boxes.


Ret Turn 3. 


With no jacks to give Focus to Ossyan keeps it all to himself (but upkeeps quicken). Both Arcanists fall back b2b with AFG and attempt repairs, both pass their skill checks, but between them manage a measly 3 points of repair).  The lone stormfall moves out of combat with the Bomber, and dies to the free strike. Ossyan Activates, aims and shoots the Bomber doing minor damage. The Storm Falls move up and Brutal into the Bomber doing decent damage. The AFG activates aims and blasts the Bomber off the board.


Trolls Turn 4. ret t3

Doomy Activates, casts refuge on the Battle Engine and retreats into the nearby trench.  The Fire Eaters charge the arcanists and manage to kill both and set the AFG on fire. The Axer moves up behind the wall. The Battle Engine Charges into one of the Stormfalls killing it, with its shots it kills the remaining models and then refuges back into the woods.

Ret Turn 5.

troll t3


With only Ossy and The AFG left, things got desperate. The Fire on the AFG doesn’t go out and does 1 point of damage. Ossy Charged the nearest Fire Eater , and killed it, but it toughed it. After buying a second attack  he manages to kill him. Sitting on only 4 focus he decided to arcantric bolt the remaining Fire Eater, but misses. The AFG Aims and shoots the War Wagon doing minimal damage.


Trolls Turn 6.

ret t4

Doomy Activates and casts Wild Aggression on the the Axer and moves up behind his objective. The Fire Eater Aims and shoots at Ossy doing some light damage and setting him on fire. The Axer Chargers and kills Ossyan.


Assassination Victory to the Trolls!