Tournament Report – 22/08/2015 – Tygervalley Battle Bunker – The Brennosing

Report by Lourens O’Connor

The tourney that shall henceforth be known as “the Brennosing” was held at Tygervalley battle Bunker on Saturday 22 August 2015.  Due to notice of the event being a touch on the short side, and further due to it being a 35 event the turnout was not the greatest.  In the end 9 players took part, with Richard dropping due to not being able to make the first round on time.  That left a field of 8 players.


The field looked as follows:

Pierre – Circle Orboros playing eKromac and pKromac

Altus – Circle Orboros playing eKreuger and pKromac

Lourens – Circle Orboros playing eKreuger and eBaldur

Troy – Legion – playing Bethane and eThagrosh

Gerrit – Legion playing eLylith and eThagrosh

Ryan – Retribution playing eVyros and Rahn

Nic – Retribution playing Issyria and Ravyn

Bernie – Khador playing B3 and only B3


Round 1: – Destruction

Ryan played Altus and dropped Rahn into Kromac.  The game had barely kicked off before Ryan did what Retribution does and turn 1 assassinated poor Kromac.


not sure what this is from, but it is appropriate none the less

not sure what this is from, but it is appropriate none the less

Lourens played into Troy and the matchup saw eKreuger into eThagrosh.  Between druid pushes and his feat eKreueger managed to score 3 on his turn and Troy was unable to get enough bodies into the zone to stop Kreuger winning 5 – 0 in his turn 3.


Pierre played into Nic and it was eKromac vs Rhyven.  Nic was well up on attrition and pushing the BigMac hard when Pierre pulled out an assassinate victory to end the game.


Gerrit faced off. Against Bernie and it was eLyl vs B3.  B3 did what B3 does and smashed all and sundry. Gerrit killboxed himself from pure terror of the Butcher, allowing the big guy to just roll up and win 5 – 0 on scenario


Round 2: Close Quarters

Pierre faced off against Ryan, seeing a game of list double bluffing going slightly against Ryan.  eVyros faced off against the BigMac himself.  The game resulted in BigMac delivering a Brennypoo right to the face of poor Vyrhorse.  Much shame was accrued by Ryan that day…

2015-08-22 (3)


much shame

much shame

Gerrit Faced off against Altus with eLyl vs eKreuger.  A Nice high roll from the stonekeeper resulted in a crit kd Lylith and Kromac won on assassination.


Lourens faced Bernie and it was eKreuger vs B3.  The doomreavers jammed like nobody’s business forcing Keueger onto the back foot. B3 got stuck into a stalker to free up Beast09, who then failed to kill Ghettorix.  A shifting stone port later and Butcher was cleaved in twain by a big axe wielding wolf.


Troy faced Nic in the final game of the round, pitting Issy against Bethane.  Nic out attritioned the poor legion and still had the hyperion at the end.  Troy managed a godly final turn, with 25 seconds on his clock at the start, to seal the deal with a 5-1 scenario victory.  It was a thing of beauty to behold as he ended turn with 3 seconds remaining to take the win.

scenario win

Round 3: Fire Support

Gerrit vs Nic saw eLylith facing Issy.  Gerrit managed to killbox himself for the second time in the same tourney and went down to Issy on scenario.  Lessons were learned we hope.


Ryan faced off against Bernie dropping Rahn into the B3.  Rahn did what Rahn does and smashed another early assassinate win.

kill box

Altus and Troy faced off pitting eThagrosh against eKreuger. Steady trading back and forth sees eThaggy go deep to pull back the game.  Kreuger gets a couple of Tks off and delivers a primalled Gorax to the big guy’s face and punishes him for his killing spree by winning on assassinate.  Good ol angry ape…


Final table:  Lourens vs Pierre – the circle jerk

The final table came down to a circle showdown.  Pierre dropped eMac for the third time that day and Lourens dropped eKreuger for his 3rd outing also.

Lourens won the roll and chose to go second.


Turn 1:

Pierre ran up his list, putting awakened spirit on Brennos.

Lourens walked his druids 2” forward and cloud walled up. the heavies ran into the shifting stone triangle.


Turn 2:

Piere sends his stalker in and kills a few druids, sprinting back afterwards.  The rest of his list walks up in a cluster with brennos standing in front og BigMac to stop druid pulls with his sacred ward.  The Gnarlhorn stand in a position the threaten counterslams.

Lourens’ druids manage to pull the stalker that sprinted and the Gnarlhorn a touch closer, but failed to Kd any of them. The Blackclad lands a hunters mark on the Gnarlhorn for free charges. Lourens makes a crucial mistake by having his stalker cast sprint on itself before going after the gnarlhorn.  The 2 fury wasted meant the stalker couldn’t get enough dmg on the goat to kill it, leaving it on quite a chunk of health.  Ghettorix goes in on the stalker, kills it, and puts a solid hit into the gnarlhorn, crucially leaving it on 4HP.  Kreuger moves up and feats, catching everything.



Turn 3:

The near death Gnarlhorn gets healed up by Kromac, who puts up Carnage and feats.  The Gnarly then walks over to Ghettorix and throws him at kromac’s lines.  The strength check is just passed due to the feat and Ghetto gets lobbed.  Between the dmg roll and a following up Brennos its tickets for the big bad wolf.  The second stalker runs up to engage Lourens’ stalker.

Lourens casts a TK at the stalker locking up his own stalker, but misses by 1. Lourens charges the Gnarlhorn with Kreuger, kills it and then sprints onto the enemy flag.  The druids jam up into melee with the stalker and force bolt it backwards to try and get it next to the objective.  Only 1 in 3 hits and the stalker is pushed a solitary inch backwards.  Lourens’ stalker goes into the enemy stalker, nearly killing it, but not quite getting the job done once again.  Lourens jams up with his stones, gallows grove and gorax.


Turn 4:

Brennos activates and crit pitches the gorax towards Kromac and co, finishing it off. With his staff. Pierre goes deep with Kromac, killing a few stones and the grove and getting Carnage up.  The stalker walks around into short range with Kreuger, JUST managing to not take a free strike that would in all likelihood have killed it, and proceeds to kill the Stormlord.


Final standings:

  1. Pierre
  2. Ryan
  3. Lourens
  4. Altus
  5. Troy
  6. Nic
  7. Bernie
  8. Gerrit (schpooon)

The Brennosing

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