Tactica – Tactics against Vayl2

Vayl, Consul of Everblight


eVayl is a tier one caster. 

  1. She doesnt have many hard match ups.
  2. She has a strong scenario game
  3. She has a strong attrition game
  4. She has a strong assassination game

The typical eVayl player is going to start by playing the attrition game plan. If its working they will leaver the scenario to draw the game out. If its failing they will look to kill your caster. A strong Anti-magic list will prevent a lot of her shenanigans and give you more room to play in.

Machinations of Shadow

eVayl is often run with her tier list Machinations of Shadow. The tier allows her to play beast heavy, and brings all the tools she needs to run it effectively.

Tier-1 Army consists only of above models/units Non character solos gain deployment bonus
Tier 2 1 or more of: Spawning vessel +1 to start of the game roll
Tier 3 Vayl’s battlegroup includes 3 or more warbeasts with flight Warbeasts with flight gain SPD bonus in first game turn
Tier 4 Vayl’s battlegroup includes three or more Heavy warbeasts Cost of heavy warbeasts become cheaper

A Typical List

Vayl, Consul of Everblight – WB: +6
– Angelius – PC: 8
– Angelius – PC: 8
– Seraph – PC: 7
– Nephilim Bloodseer – PC: 5
– Ravagore – PC: 9
– Ravagore – PC: 9

Blighted Nyss Shepherd – PC: 1
Blighted Nyss Shepherd – PC: 1
Spell Martyrs – PC: 1

Spawning Vessel – Vessel & 6 Grunts: 3
Blighted Nyss Legionnaires – Leader & 5 Grunts: 4

THEME: Machinations of Shadow – Tier 4

Attrition and Scenario

She will cycle refuge and use long range threats to deplete your army with no way for you to trade pieces back. Good way to combat this is to move your army in such a way that they can threaten any thing in a scenario zone or near a flag. As then she will be able to move back but will have to lose Control Points. She will use a an admonition’d light to keep her in the game, if its on a target that can be knocked down and you can knockdown from range that’s a good start.

If you are unable to play the scenario she will rinse and repeat you out of the game. High threat ranges and guns are great against her, if its powerful enough to make dent. Beware she does have occultation so she can make herself or at least one of her key beasts stealth, so factor that into your plans.

Okay so now your handling her on scenario and shes starting to look cagey.



If you are arm 20 unbuffed and have 16 wounds or less, and you’re within 20” of both ravagores and her….your dead on average dice. Kill box makes this hard and how do you apply pressure to scenario, but at the same time keep you caster safe? Camp a wall, bring a wall, make sure she cant slam her own models into you, be immune to KD, have a high def (remember Ravagors are Rat 5), get into cover. If you can camp to arm 22 or higher, it also starts looking better for you. Have a shield guards or Block Line of Sight.



Hordes if you got a 5 fury lock and you want to threaten the zones with your beasts, you’re in for a bad time. Sure you can camp fury, the problem is every thing in that list will damage you, not just her and the ravagores.

But again use terrain, block los, and camp, what else could you do? If you survive the assassination you win, keep that in mind.

Priority Targets

  • Kill the pot as early as possible as it often spawns a new lesser arc node that you never saw coming with a whole new threat angle.
  • Killing the shepherds early will really hurt as well.

Who to Bring

Circle: Braddigus (or bring a lot of Druids)
Legion: eLyl
Trolls: Meat Mountain
Skorne: not sure
RoS: Vyros2, Kaelessa, even Ozzy got game
Cryx: eGaspy, pSkarre, eSkarre
Khador: Butcher 1, Butcher 3
Cygnar: Darius
Convergence: Lucant