Tournament Report – 26/09/2015 – Tygervalley Battle Bunker – Mulg goes Surfing

Report by various players

The tourney that shall henceforth be known as “Mukg Goes Surfing” was held at Tygervalley battle Bunker on Saturday 26 September 2015.  This tourney was a 50pt with a respectable turnout of 12 players.

The field looked as follows:

  • Ryan – Trolls playing pMadrak and pGrim
  • Dolf – Legion playing pLylyth and eVayl
  • Troy – Convergence– playing Axis and Lucant
  • Lourens – Mercs playing Ossrum and Bart
  • Gerrit – Legion playing eVayl and Saeryn
  • Bernie – Khador playing Butcher 2
  • Grant – Legion playing pLylyth and eAbsolynia
  • Altus – Cygnar playing Haley2 and Siege
  • Pieter – Circle Oboros playing pKaya and pKrueger
  • Hugo – Khador playing pButcher and pScorcha
  • Rich – Cygnar playing Siege and  Haley2
  • Steve – Cryx playing eSkarre and pTerminus


Round 1: – Recon

Dolf faces off against his apprentice Gerrit in a Vayl2 mirror match. Gerrit attritions the crap out of  his master but then ends up clocking out when Dolf was left with only Vayl and a shepherd on the table.

The apprentice faces off against the master, let the hate flow through you

The apprentice faces off against the master, let the hate flow through you

game_1_1 game_1_2 game_1_3 game_1_4game_1_5

Richard (Siege) plays into Lourens (Ossrum). The pirates and Nyss jam really good and with the Earthbreaker doing what the Earthbreaker does best Mercs get up on an attrition and scenario advantage. TheEarthbreaker destroys the objective and kills the entire black 13th and also does quite a number on the remaining heavy. Pirates  and nyss run up and continue to the rest of the stormguard.  Mercs score 3. At this point it was assassinate or lose for cygnar, but Seige fails to get LOS to Ossrum and the mercs win 5 / 0 .

Ryan (pGrim) plays into Bernie (Butcher 2) pGrim hit the Doom revers pretty hard with the his feat and ranged attacks, then trolls toughed through Butcher’s feat, then killed him with a net and a couple of slag shots.

Troy (Axis Tier 4) plays into Grant (eAbsylonia). It’s a battle of extremes all the beasts vs all the robot infantry. eAbby plays fairly defensively letting her ravagor, carnivian and warspears try and thin out the robot army. A lucky flaming ravagor scatter on the top of 2 clips Axis setting him on fire which never goes out. Axis sends in the troops again and again as the legion fails to kill enough infantry while the robots slowly bludgeon the beasts to death. A carefully orgastrated assassination on eAbby’s feat turn fails after a conservator takes a ravagor shot meant for Axis and the carnivian walks up aimlessly as Grant forgets Axis feated. Unfortunately with waves of infantry having to move and attack take up too much of Troys time and death clocks.
Steve vs Altus. Winner = Altus
Pieter vs Hugo. Winner = Hugo


Round 2: Incursion

Ryan (pGrimm) plays into Hugo (pButcher)
The trolls face up against Khador and a Butcher variant again. pGrim got ahead on attrition and ended up winning 5-2 on scenario. #slugfest



Dolf (eVayl) plays into Lourens (Bart) Cagey match that saw bart’d galleon drag the bloodseer to an early death top of turn 2 and put some hurt on a seraph. Refuging angels do a number on the pressgangers and kayazi, making for an alarming deathtoll. Vayl goes for the early 3 points, but messes it up and scores only 2. Bart goes for the big turn, but the dice come up slightly short and he leaves 3 heavies on +/- 5Hp. And parks the gally between the left and centre flag to contest both.  Kayazi contest the third flag and the scores stay at 2 – 0. Vayl clears the third flag and goes to 3 – 0, whilst staying safe through occultation.  Wrongeye goes down and spiney growth is off the table. Barts dice keep going and he only manages to kill the seraph and fails to do enough to stop Vayl scoring on the third flag. 4 – 0. Vayl wins 5 – 0 in her turn, but kills Bart for the extra kill points.

game_2_1 game_2_2 game_2_3 game_2_4

Altus vs Grant. Winner = Altus
Pieter vs Steve. Winner = Pieter
Gerrit vs Richard. Winner = Gerrit
Troy (Lucant) plays into Bernie (eButcher). Troy playing ADR swaps in all the anti-infantry tech to deal with insanity of doom reavers Bernie has brought. Lucant try’s thinning out the berzerking reavers but
there are too many and they do a great job of keeping CoC army well away from the flags. Slowly the reavers fall and the robots very slowly approach the flags, too slowly. Troy has to sacrifice the Prime Axiom to kill Ruin and contest a flag which dies the following turn to a furied Kodiak. eButcher is 3-0 up when the TEP is sent to contest, unfortunately he is ¼” short from claiming the flag and being able to destroy the TEP to win the game. Lucant seeing his chance charges in and kills the Khador warcaster.

Round 3: Two Fronts

Pieter (pKaya) plays into Lourens (Ossrum) A very well placed bush allows the stalkers to do their stealth dance. Poor play and lukewarm dice means the mercs don’t get anywhere in their first couple of turns.  The earthbreaker is out of position meaning that pKaya can start scoring first. Going 3 – 0 up and camping a wreck at def. 20 and stealth. A last ditch earthbreaker charge to get in the zone to contest fails due to the base clipping a stalker and pkaya rides the mistakes to a comfortable 5 – 0 scenario.

Pieter vs Lou. Winner = Pieter
Bernie vs Steve. Winner = Bernie
Hugo vs Grant. Winner = Grant
Richard into Gerrit – Gerrit dropped, so Richard got a bye.

Final table:  Troy vs Altus– Between a CoC and a hard place

Altus (eHaley) plays into Troy (Lucant). Unfortunately Altus is list locked and Troy subs in an ADO for accretions servitors. eHaley goes first moves everything up aggressively forcing Lucant to feat on the bottom of 1 to stop losing too many troops while they run up. The Cygnar shooting fails to do more than scratch the robot army but Thorn and the swordknights take a dominant position in the CoC zone. The attrition swings the way of the robots and eHaley moves up to be able to go for an assassination with the help Thorn, who had wondered into the Convergence AD zone killing obstructors. eHaley TKs Lucant into the gunsites of the stormwall and starts to unload on low camping Lucant. Sadly Lucant shrugs off the first shot to Prime Axiom, who was still able to shield guard, the rest of the shots do a couple of points of damage. With eHaley exposed the Prime Axiom charges in and splatters the Major.

Final table:  Dolf  (pLylyth) vs Ryan (pMadrak) – Party at the Beach

Dolf wins the roll and goes first. The Legion run ups. Maddy moves up and bunkers up behind janissa’s wall and sure foot. What happens next is best described in pictures:


Mulg surfed through the blighted elves, to catch pLylith with her pants down behind a building. She will never walk again.



Final standings

Name – TP – SOS – CP
Ryan (Trollbloods) – 3 – 4 – 5
Dolf (Legion) – 2 – 5 – 5
Troy (CoC) – 2 – 5 – 2
Grant (Legion) – 2 – 5 – 2
Altus (Cygnar) – 2 – 4 – 2
Pieter (Circle) – 2 – 2 – 7
Hugo (Khador) – 1 – 7 – 3
Bernie (Khador) – 1 – 5 – 8
Lourens (Mercs) – 1 – 5 – 2
Gerrit (Legion) – 1 – 3 – 5
Rich (Cygnar) – 1 – 2 – 3
Steve (Cryx) – 0 – 5 – 0